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Eric B, Treach & CL Smooth chill on the set of Who’s the Man?. Photo by Koi Sojer for The Source Magazine, Issue #42, March 1993.

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Pete Rock & CL Smooth

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LL Cool J, 1984

Photo by Glen Friedman

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ituro asked:
Yeah, April! Familiar with her, don't know her personally. I'm actually based in Toronto so I haven't had the chance to meet everyone yet. Yeah, we need to get the UHHM out there so people can help with funding and whatnot. Thanks for the follow! You can add me on instagram/twitter @ellleboog. Thanks for spreading the word!

No doubt! I was just checking out your blog, you have some really great stuff on here! Big time respect! It feels like there are fewer and fewer hip hop lovers out here. So it’s always refreshing to connect with someone who loves the culture as much as I do. I’ll definitely help spread the word on UHHM. Personally, I’m based in LA so I haven’t had a chance to meet with everyone either but I’ll be heading to NY In September. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet some of the people behind this. Anyhow, I’ll follow you on twitter/Instagram now, I’m @soulgkg.


Illustration: Afrika Bambaataa

So I’ve been looking for something new to explore now that I’m out of school. I have always wanted to do digital painting, since there’s no scanner big enough for all my canvas work.

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